Donna Archer Photography: Blog en-us (C) Donna Archer Photography (Donna Archer Photography) Sat, 02 Jun 2018 20:09:00 GMT Sat, 02 Jun 2018 20:09:00 GMT Donna Archer Photography: Blog 120 90 JULIE AND NICK'S WEDDING DAY What a joy this day was celebrating the love shared by these two!  They were just the sweetest couple ever!  I enjoyed every minute working with them from the engagement photos to their wedding day!  Julie and Nick, I wish you the world of happiness today and always!  I will forever cherish the memories I had of your special day.


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The Petriello Family 2017 I am just going back and trying to put more back on my blog...this is where I left off.  Guess I have been a little busy!!!


I am truly blessed to be able to photograph some of the cutest families in the area...however this family is tops. Every photo was better then the next.  The boys (Dante and Luca) were gems!  For boys, they got into getting their photos taken and even helped me during the shoot!  Ok, well the boys did great and the parents were absolutely stunning and the nicest couple!  It's so nice to see a couple so happy and in love!!  I truly enjoyed my time here with them.  I also found a new friend!  Denean, so happy I met you!  Thank you to Kara for introducing us!  


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What an amazing shoot this was of this lovely girl!  She is beautiful inside and out.  I just wanted to share some of my latest work on my blog.  It's been such a long time in between and I'm starting up my fall sessions once again!  Summer really went too quickly!

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DSC_0010DSC_0010 _DAP7364-2_DAP7364-2Copy


_DAP7444_DAP7444Copy _DAP7475_DAP7475Copy _DAP7431_DAP7431Copy _DAP7496_DAP7496Copy _DAP7537_DAP7537Copy _DAP7507_DAP7507Copy _DAP7545_DAP7545Copy _DAP7555_DAP7555Copy _DAP7588_DAP7588Copy _DAP7644_DAP7644Copy _DAP7598_DAP7598Copy

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Sydney Zebrowski Senior Session -- Swim and Golf  

S y d n e y  Z e b r o w s k i

This past year I got to photograph this amazing young girl.  I wanted to showcase her sports here on this blog.  I had such a blast working with Sydney.  She has such a great personality and I enjoyed going from the golf course to the swimming pool.  I am really behind with posting any of my work, but I wish Syd all the best at McDaniel College and your future endeavors...

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_DAP3636_DAP3636Copy _DAP3725_DAP3725Copy _DAP3641_DAP3641Copy _DAP3631_DAP3631Copy _DAP3694_DAP3694Copy _DAP3721_DAP3721Copy _DAP3751-2017Edit_DAP3751-2017EditCopy _DAP3781_DAP3781Copy _DAP4031_DAP4031Copy _DAP4044_DAP4044Copy _DAP4041_DAP4041Copy _DAP4070_DAP4070Copy _DAP4108_DAP4108Copy _DAP4157_DAP4157Copy _DAP4109_DAP4109Copy _DAP4141_DAP4141Copy _DAP4157_DAP4157Copy

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What a sweet sweet, fun, fun girl.  We had such a great time.  We were hoping the rain would hold off, ended up being great day for photo shoot and I was so happy to photograph you!  


_DAP2376_DAP2376Copy _DAP2389_DAP2389Copy _DAP2432_DAP2432Copy _DAP2456-2_DAP2456-2Copy _DAP2507_DAP2507Copy _DAP2533_DAP2533Copy _DAP2557_DAP2557Copy _DAP2611-2_DAP2611-2Copy _DAP2642_DAP2642Copy _DAP2671_DAP2671Copy _DAP2682_DAP2682Copy _DAP2412-2_DAP2412-2Copy _DAP2458_DAP2458Copy

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Anna, what a pleasure it was working with you!  You have so much talent girl.  We were so impressed with your ways and how comfortable you were with the camera right from the start.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  I see big things coming your way!


_DAP0290-2_DAP0290-2Copy _DAP0371_DAP0371Copy _DAP0012_DAP0012Copy _DAP9948_DAP9948Copy _DAP9830_DAP9830Copy _DAP0070_DAP0070Copy _DAP0092_DAP0092Copy

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Dena and Neil are expecting!  

So...there were soooo many rainy days before our shoot!  I was so happy we planned this when he did!  Perfect lighting and park!  The rain held off enough for us to get this shoot in a couple weeks ago.  Dena and Neil were just so precious!  I very much enjoyed doing this shoot for these two lovebirds.  So very excited for them!  Soon they will welcome a precious little girl into their lives!  I'm so honored you chose me to shoot this special moment for you.  Wishing you all the best in the future months as you prepare to be new parents!  Love, Donna

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Riley's prom 2017 Cannot believe my son Riley is a junior in High School already.  I am so blessed to be able to watch him grow into a man!  He warms my heart this kid!  He is also so blessed to have such great friends as well!  Sean, Jason and Alfaz were among the group....I wish them all the best in future years ahead.


_DAP4087_DAP4087Copy _DAP4175_DAP4175Copy


_DAP4217_DAP4217Copy _DAP4253_DAP4253Copy _DAP4271_DAP4271Copy _DAP4269_DAP4269Copy _DAP4293_DAP4293Copy



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What a pleasure it was being a part of this special day for Joe to propose to Kelly at the very place they met!  Kelly was greeted by family with roses as she walked to meet Joe at the top of the stairs who dropped to one knee!  She said YES!  Once they gathered themselves in such happiness...we then ventured out around the campus!  I also got to meet their sweet little angel baby "Joey".  He was also such a big part of the day and photo shoot!  I wish you all the best in your future lives together!  It was such a pleasure being there to capture this special day for you!  I cherished every moment watching the love you had for one another!  






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Gina K.  



What a cold cold day this was to photograph Gina for her headshots and beach body business.  She was a trooper though and went for it.  I was so pleased she reached out to me to because I do the 21 day fix workouts myself.  So, it was totally up my alley!!  Gina, wishing you all the best success always with your endeavors with Beach Body!!  You sure did motivate me more to get out there and do more!  -- Donna


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Tyson Family 2016 -- Been waiting to post some of these photos for the longest time!  What a fun time I had with this family!  It feels like forever since I saw these!  Keri, thanks for reaching out to me...xo


_DAP2750-2_DAP2750-2Copy _DAP2789-2_DAP2789-2Copy _DAP2807_DAP2807Copy _DAP2887_DAP2887Copy _DAP2916-2_DAP2916-2Copy


_DAP2998-2_DAP2998-2Copy _DAP2833a_DAP2833aCopy _DAP2878_DAP2878Copy






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D'Orazi Kiddos Winter Tree Farm Fun What a nice surprise it was having Rosalie call me up to do a mini session with her cuties.  This is late but I am trying so hard to play catch up!  I loved working at this tree farm!  They were so awesome to allow me to do this.  Corkum's in Collegeville!  Check them out next year!  Thinking of setting more of these up earlier next year, Oct possibly!  


_DAP5032_DAP5032Copy _DAP5265_DAP5265Copy _DAP5510_DAP5510Copy _DAP5424_DAP5424Copy _DAP5563_DAP5563Copy

_DAP5723_DAP5723Copy _DAP5597_DAP5597Copy



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BRITTANY AND ALEX 2016 A long time ago, I worked with Brittany...Recently she reached out to me to do her engagement portraits...I was beyond thrilled!  Her and Alex were just so adorable together and we had the perfect day.  Such a fun time and lots of love and laughter.  Brittany and Alex, I wish you a world of love and joy forever and ever.


_DAP2872_DAP2872Copy _DAP2876_DAP2876Copy _DAP2893_DAP2893Copy _DAP2904_DAP2904Copy _DAP2916_DAP2916Copy _DAP2929_DAP2929Copy _DAP2936_DAP2936Copy _DAP2953_DAP2953Copy _DAP2974_DAP2974Copy _DAP3009_DAP3009Copy _DAP3017_DAP3017Copy _DAP3038_DAP3038Copy _DAP3042_DAP3042Copy _DAP3055_DAP3055Copy _DAP3061_DAP3061Copy _DAP3066_DAP3066Copy _DAP3091_DAP3091Copy _DAP3111_DAP3111Copy _DAP3128_DAP3128Copy _DAP3143_DAP3143Copy _DAP3153_DAP3153Copy _DAP3156_DAP3156Copy _DAP3161_DAP3161Copy _DAP3162_DAP3162Copy _DAP3171_DAP3171Copy _DAP3179_DAP3179Copy _DAP3193_DAP3193Copy _DAP3200_DAP3200Copy _DAP3218_DAP3218Copy _DAP3228_DAP3228Copy _DAP3239_DAP3239Copy _DAP3243_DAP3243Copy _DAP3280_DAP3280Copy _DAP3289_DAP3289Copy _DAP3295_DAP3295Copy _DAP3311_DAP3311Copy _DAP3318_DAP3318Copy _DAP3327_DAP3327Copy _DAP3334_DAP3334Copy _DAP3347_DAP3347Copy _DAP3349_DAP3349Copy _DAP3357_DAP3357Copy _DAP3380_DAP3380Copy _DAP3390_DAP3390Copy _DAP3401_DAP3401Copy _DAP3429_DAP3429Copy _DAP3434_DAP3434Copy _DAP3437_DAP3437Copy _DAP3448_DAP3448Copy _DAP3454_DAP3454Copy _DAP3472_DAP3472Copy _DAP3475_DAP3475Copy _DAP3482_DAP3482Copy

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The Mink Wedding 2016 MICHELLE AND RICH


So, I met this lovely couple one day at Panera to find out I would absolutely fall in love with them!  They won my hearts.  As soon as I met Michelle, I knew we would hit it off!  I'm so glad that my friend Kristen referred her to me!  Michelle and Rich, thank you so much for letting me capture your big day for you! It was the perfect fall day for a beautiful wedding!  You deserve forever happiness always!  These are just some of the highlights.




Pre Bridal Moments

_DSC5048-2_DSC5048-2 w _DAP1031_DAP1031Copy _DAP1049_DAP1049Copy _DAP1078_DAP1078Copy _DAP1102_DAP1102Copy _DAP1108_DAP1108Copy _DAP1116_DAP1116Copy _DAP1121_DAP1121Copy _DAP1173_DAP1173Copy _DAP1204_DAP1204Copy _DAP1211_DAP1211Copy _DAP1255_DAP1255Copy _DAP1305_DAP1305Copy _DAP1331_DAP1331Copy _DAP1333_DAP1333Copy _DAP1337_DAP1337Copy _DAP1350_DAP1350Copy _DAP1377_DAP1377Copy _DSC5274_DSC5274 _DSC5295-2_DSC5295-2 _DAP1383_DAP1383Copy _DAP1451_DAP1451Copy _DAP1513_DAP1513Copy _DAP1529_DAP1529Copy _DAP1531_DAP1531Copy _DAP1556_DAP1556Copy _DAP1577_DAP1577Copy _DAP1589_DAP1589Copy _DAP1607_DAP1607Copy _DAP1612_DAP1612Copy _DAP1621_DAP1621Copy DSC_0516DSC_0516 DSC_0520DSC_0520 _DAP1004_DAP1004Copy _DAP1289_DAP1289Copy _DAP1293_DAP1293Copy _DAP1299_DAP1299Copy _DAP1300_DAP1300Copy _DAP2023_DAP2023Copy _DAP2025_DAP2025Copy _DAP2033_DAP2033Copy _DAP2032_DAP2032Copy _DAP2036_DAP2036Copy _DAP2043_DAP2043Copy _DAP2047_DAP2047Copy _DAP2044_DAP2044Copy _DAP2051_DAP2051Copy _DAP2054_DAP2054Copy _DAP2243_DAP2243Copy _DAP2304-2_DAP2304-2Copy _DAP2314_DAP2314Copy _DAP2771_DAP2771Copy _DAP2777_DAP2777Copy DSC_0011DSC_0011

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Sydney and Sax -- In the City - Philadelphia, PA What an awesome experience this was!  I loved every minute especially riding around with my fun family -- The Platt's!  They rock!!!  I was honored to photograph their son's batmitzah last year and did this mini shoot one year later for them!


DSC_0300DSC_0300 DSC_0326DSC_0326 DSC_0330DSC_0330 DSC_0333DSC_0333 _DAP3228_DAP3228Copy _DAP3269_DAP3269Copy _DAP3298_DAP3298Copy _DAP3314_DAP3314Copy _DAP3333_DAP3333Copy _DAP3365_DAP3365Copy _DAP3384_DAP3384Copy _DAP3408-2_DAP3408-2Copy _DAP3449_DAP3449Copy

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Donna Archer Photography friend Gin called me one day maybe one week before this surprise event!  She was like, um, I need you to be my photographer and I cannot tell you why!  Well...I finally pulled it out of her before only so I could capture this surprise to all of her guests!  Gin and Mike got married!  They didn't tell anyone not even their kids!  They pulled it off so graciously!  It was a beautiful backyard wedding full of love and happiness.  I just love the expression on Mike's daughter's faces and Gin's too. You can totally see how much they adore each other.  I'm blessed to be able to call you my friend Gin...You truly deserve happiness!!  I'm glad you two found each other.

Much love,



_DAP2846_DAP2846Copy _DAP2891_DAP2891Copy _DAP2902_DAP2902Copy _DAP2900_DAP2900Copy _DAP2915_DAP2915Copy _DAP2916_DAP2916Copy _DAP2912_DAP2912Copy _DAP2922_DAP2922Copy _DAP2928_DAP2928Copy _DAP2938_DAP2938Copy _DAP2941_DAP2941Copy _DAP2944_DAP2944Copy _DAP2945_DAP2945Copy _DAP2951_DAP2951Copy _DAP2950_DAP2950Copy _DAP2976_DAP2976Copy _DAP2978_DAP2978Copy _DAP2981_DAP2981Copy _DAP2986_DAP2986Copy _DAP2989_DAP2989Copy _DAP2992_DAP2992Copy _DAP2995_DAP2995Copy _DAP3012_DAP3012Copy _DAP3016_DAP3016Copy _DAP3030_DAP3030Copy _DAP3031_DAP3031Copy _DAP3037_DAP3037Copy _DAP3046_DAP3046Copy _DAP3059_DAP3059Copy _DAP3070_DAP3070Copy _DAP3077_DAP3077Copy _DAP3090_DAP3090Copy _DAP3093_DAP3093Copy _DAP3106_DAP3106Copy _DAP3109_DAP3109Copy _DAP3140_DAP3140Copy _DAP3152_DAP3152Copy _DAP3154_DAP3154Copy _DAP3161_DAP3161Copy _DAP3164_DAP3164Copy _DAP3170_DAP3170Copy _DAP3173_DAP3173Copy DSC_0006DSC_0006 DSC_0012DSC_0012 DSC_0028DSC_0028 DSC_0032DSC_0032 DSC_0045DSC_0045 DSC_0046DSC_0046 DSC_0052DSC_0052 DSC_0064DSC_0064 DSC_0078DSC_0078 DSC_0084DSC_0084 DSC_0086DSC_0086 DSC_0104DSC_0104 DSC_0134DSC_0134 DSC_0148DSC_0148 DSC_0172DSC_0172 DSC_0177DSC_0177 DSC_0180DSC_0180 DSC_0182DSC_0182 DSC_0187-2DSC_0187-2 DSC_0195DSC_0195 DSC_0202-2DSC_0202-2 DSC_0208-2DSC_0208-2 DSC_0272DSC_0272 _DAP3138_DAP3138Copy _DAP3137_DAP3137Copy

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THE COATES FAMILY - FALL FAMILY FUN Martha - James - John - Alice

What cutie pies I had the pleasure of photographing!  Beautiful fall morning doing what I love!  


_DAP7687_DAP7687Copy _DAP7707_DAP7707Copy _DAP7810-2_DAP7810-2Copy _DAP7970_DAP7970Copy _DAP7979_DAP7979Copy _DAP8033_DAP8033Copy _DAP8051_DAP8051Copy _DAP8061_DAP8061Copy _DAP8091_DAP8091Copy _DAP8113_DAP8113Copy _DAP8122-2_DAP8122-2Copy _DAP8131-2_DAP8131-2Copy _DAP8171_DAP8171Copy _DAP8177_DAP8177Copy

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HOMECOMING 2016 M E T H A C T O N   H I G H   S C H O O L   H O M E C O M I N G  

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Gorgeous night for photos ... These kids are the nicest and most pleasant kids!  I was so happy to photograph them!  I hope these memories last you a lifetime.  Momma Donna xo

_DAP4278_DAP4278Copy _DAP4281_DAP4281Copy _DAP4291_DAP4291Copy _DAP4297_DAP4297Copy _DAP4301_DAP4301Copy _DAP4305_DAP4305Copy _DAP4311_DAP4311Copy _DAP4318_DAP4318Copy _DAP4320_DAP4320Copy _DAP4326_DAP4326Copy _DAP4329_DAP4329Copy _DAP4333_DAP4333Copy _DAP4336_DAP4336Copy _DAP4339_DAP4339Copy _DAP4343_DAP4343Copy _DAP4348_DAP4348Copy _DAP4357_DAP4357Copy _DAP4362_DAP4362Copy _DAP4366_DAP4366Copy _DAP4375_DAP4375Copy _DAP4383_DAP4383Copy _DAP4389_DAP4389Copy _DAP4396-2_DAP4396-2Copy _DAP4398_DAP4398Copy _DAP4411_DAP4411Copy _DAP4414_DAP4414Copy _DAP4423_DAP4423Copy _DAP4433_DAP4433Copy _DAP4435_DAP4435Copy _DAP4440_DAP4440Copy _DAP4444_DAP4444Copy _DAP4445_DAP4445Copy _DAP4448_DAP4448Copy _DAP4455_DAP4455Copy _DAP4462_DAP4462Copy _DAP4471_DAP4471Copy _DAP4474_DAP4474Copy _DAP4476_DAP4476Copy _DAP4480_DAP4480Copy DSC_0715DSC_0715 DSC_0718DSC_0718 _DAP4467_DAP4467Copy DSC_0708DSC_0708 _DAP4415_DAP4415Copy _DAP4366_DAP4366Copy _DAP4360_DAP4360Copy

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Don't fall behind... _DAP6957_DAP6957

FALL IS APPROACHING... have you booked your session??

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SAMMY T. What a sweet wee baby boy, Sammy.  Adam and Shira, thank you so much for welcoming me in your home.  These moments are so far and few between.  I hope you always remember this special day of me capturing your newborn!  

_DAP6809-3_DAP6809-3Copy _DAP6863_DAP6863Copy _DAP6904_DAP6904Copy _DAP6952_DAP6952Copy _DAP6986-2_DAP6986-2Copy _DAP7053_DAP7053Copy _DAP7069_DAP7069Copy

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