D'Orazi Kiddos Winter Tree Farm Fun

January 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

What a nice surprise it was having Rosalie call me up to do a mini session with her cuties.  This is late but I am trying so hard to play catch up!  I loved working at this tree farm!  They were so awesome to allow me to do this.  Corkum's in Collegeville!  Check them out next year!  Thinking of setting more of these up earlier next year, Oct possibly!  


_DAP5032_DAP5032Copy _DAP5265_DAP5265Copy _DAP5510_DAP5510Copy _DAP5424_DAP5424Copy _DAP5563_DAP5563Copy

_DAP5723_DAP5723Copy _DAP5597_DAP5597Copy




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